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            The following principles are intended to assist members of the Idaho Herpetological Society, Inc. in maintaining a high level of ethical conduct.  They are to be professional standards which each and every member is expected to follow.


Section 1.  Members of the Society shall foster and promote an appreciation of the role of reptiles and amphibians in the ecosystem.


Section 2.  Members are expected to respect the scientific purposes of the of the Society and shall do nothing to diminish these purposes or discredit or embarrass the Society.


Section 3.  Members are expected to safeguard the Society and the general public against those individuals deficient in basic scientific competence and/or questionable bioethical character.  Members shall observe all wildlife protection, collection, and possession laws, uphold the dignity of the science, and not condone illegal or unethical conduct of fellow members of the Society.


Section 4.  When collecting reptiles and amphibians, members are expected to replace disturbed habitat as much as possible to their natural condition, and to take no more specimens than is necessary for legitimate herpetological purposes.  Every effort should be made to protect endemic populations from over collecting.


Section 5.  When maintaining captive reptiles and amphibians, members are expected to provide adequate care and humane treatment.  Prey animals should be similarly kept.  The Board of Directors of the Society strongly discourages the keeping of live venomous reptiles by any member of the Society.


Failure to abide by this Code of Ethics may result in membership termination.

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Membership Application

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Print this application and mail it to:

Idaho Herpetological Society

P.O. Box 15221

Boise, Idaho  83715-5221

Regular Membership.......................$15.00  


Student Membership.........................10.00


Family Membership.........................25.00


Institutional Membership.........................25.00


Sustaining Membership......................100.00


Patron Membership....................1,000.00




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                Send this application along with dues to:                   

           Idaho Herpetological Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 15221

Boise, Idaho 83715-5221


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